All of our lumber that we build with is furniture-grade. This means the wood has a moisture content between 6 and 9 percent before we use it. A low moisture content means there will be minimal wood movement (warping, bending, cracking) when our furniture is in your home. To achieve this process we first use kiln-dried lumber only. When we receive the kiln-dried lumber, it then gets planed to open up the wood pores and then air dries in our shop for a minimum of two weeks until it is furniture-grade. 


When building solid-wood furniture, one of the most important things is to make sure the tabletops are attached to the table base in a manner that allows for wood movement throughout different seasons of the year. If proper fasteners are not used, the table top will eventually crack. All of our table tops are attached using tabletop fasteners that can freely move as the wood contracts and expands. 


Our furniture is finished with water-based polyurethane that contains Aluminum-Oxide to ensure a very hard and durable finish. We apply the finish with a sprayer to achieve a finish that is smooth as glass. 

Grand Rapids Rustic

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